Carry your bag wherever you go, you will surely cause heads to turn, and for all the right reason.

The Coach stamp should be centered perfectly above the Made in Italy, and the Made in Italy stamp should be centered perfectly within the label. Anything looking off-centered is a huge red flag, and strong evidence that the bag is fake.They are subtle. Though with great chic, they are so design that you are noticeable in the crowd but not garish.

The card will have Coach on the top, this is centered and again, check the font and spacing. Below that it will have the word "Controllato" and then it is followed below that with a set of numbers. All the stitching should be straight and even, it should be exceptionally clean.The company offers the best discounted rates on all their products each and every day.

This label has a ? followed by the Coach logo. On the back of the label you will find a serial number, which is two sets of numbers, one below the other.Luckily if you know what to look for, you can separate the authentic Coach handbag from the fake, reducing the risk of buying a bag that isn't what you were expecting.

They are of top quality. Nobody will question the quality of the brand, and this is the major reason for many people why they prefer to save up for a long time to purchase an authentic Coach bag other than buy a replica.No more time to waste and no more heart to break, Coach handbags undeniably become the savior in all respects with its fantastic features, elegant temperament and timeless durability.

When a company does not have a specific blueprint for their handbags, then that opens the door for counterfeiters to capitalize on the lack of uniformity. Chanel and Louis Vuitton are good examples of companies that keep their handbags uniform. Coach products the world over, enjoy this type of legacy. The watches are revelations of what a skilled designer can do, even on a smaller scale.